Goaly was so happy to have the amazing Terri Cole right here, in Copenhagen!  Her talk was dedicated to our well known “frenemy” : fear.

Terri is now launching a 4 week program with experts as Marie Forleo, Danielle Leporte, Gabrielle Bernstein, Meggan Watterson, Kate Northrup among many other A-listers.  Check out her course right here

The event & Photoshoot:

Around 50 female CEO`s and bloggers participated at the event, and we were so inspired by stories around the table from the world´s happiest country – Denmark!

After filming and planning, we did a photo shoot with the top Scandinavian Photographer Fred Jonny.


Photo Shoot The Scandinavian Way..
Photo Shoot The Scandinavian Way..

Working with him, was a great honor! From shooting the top brands and fashion magazines, he took the trip over to capture the true beauty of one of the world´s leading therapist and life coaches. After the shoot we went directly to the event place @ CharlottenBorg Cafe. Terri had exactly 5 minutes to prepare, after working on tour with one of her A-list clients for a month – we thought she liked a hectic schedule :)

Charlottenborg Cafe



We were so blessed connecting with Denmark´s leading jewelry maker Mads Heindorf. In his store, we picked out jewelry that was hand made and a perfect fit for out theme. With a jewelry guard at our side, we shot photos at Copenhagen’s best locations, fighting rain and wind.

- Luckily our experienced Photographer and assistant knew how to make the best out of the situation!

Tiny Sneak peak of photoshoot
Tiny Sneak peak of photoshoot – with Mads Heindorf jewlery.

Our favorite pick from his collection was the meditating buddha with 10 sapphires and diamonds… ( Visit his store here if you feel like updating your jewelry collecting and insurance policy! )

Another surprise for our event, was Denmark´s green genius Eric Florent. From the same location (If you want to visit and take a look at flower walls and sun cell driven flower decorations! )


During his many travels around the globe, he observed and collected a variety of species from different environments – and created installations that is perfectly suited to our interior! The big “buzz” was the 3-meter tall “flower walls” that watered themselves, and the eco-friendly glasses that was powered by the sun and gave a beautiful lighting effect at the flowers at night!

A big thanks to http://karmameju.com/ for providing some amazing Goodie-bags for Terri - and pure organic oils for the audience! 

Thank you to all helpers during the event, and a special thanks to Fred Jonny´s assistant, Sarah (Our beloved DOP) Mell and our stylist for the day And any other day) Yunah! 


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