Ladies, your next amazing orgasm could be just a few simple steps away…

According to yoga expert and sex aficionada Psalm Isadora, one in three women say they’ve never had an orgasm, while another third of women say they only have an occasional orgasm.

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Only 30% of women say they have orgasms regularly during sex. That makes us – and Psalm – a little depressed. However, there’s hope. Psalm shared four different tips for your love life that will lead you to that mind-numbing orgasm you’ve always wanted.

1. It starts with your brain

Your most influential sex organ is your brain. You’ve probably heard that before, but it’s true. What takes place between your ears has a lot to do with what happens between your legs.

Many women are trapped inside their heads, Isadora said. Part of the secret to unlock and enjoy a savory love life is unlocking your mind.

“We need to get out of our heads,” Psalm said, “and deeply connect to the pleasure of our body as well as learn how to have the most mind-blowing orgasms and multiple orgasms we’ve ever had in our life.”

2. Saddle up!

Many women hear the word “cowgirl” and they cringe. Being on top makes some women feel really exposed to their partner, causing them to have anxiety and opt for other positions, Isadora said. If you’re nervous about trying it, she said, turn out the lights and get busy in the dark.

The cowgirl position’s greatest strength lies in the way it allows the female to control the pace of sex, as well as the depth of penetration. In other words, if you’re willing to saddle up, you’ll give yourself the ability to find the right rhythm to produce the perfect orgasm you’ve been dying to have.

“Woman-on-top affords a number of advantages for the woman to find the most pleasure and achieve her orgasm,” Isadora said. “You can control the speed and the position so you can find what really feels good to you.”

3. Circle Down!

If you didn’t already know it, your hips play a vital role in your ability to have an orgasm. By using your hips during sex, you can unlock all kinds of pleasure.

“Circling your hips is learning how to come into a more sensual movement,” Isadora said, “and rolling your hips is going to allow for greater pleasure and range of motion. It’s really nice in any position to be able to move your hips and to roll them.”

Isadora said hip circles can be used in almost any position, so experiment!

“Start thinking about how you would do those hips next time you’re in the bedroom and throw those hip circles into any position,” she said.

4. Kegelicious

If you dry heave when you hear the word “kegel”, your lady-parts doctor is probably to blame.

“I talk to a lot of women and they don’t like kegel,” Isadora said. “I think its because most people were introduced to it by a gynecologist who made it very not sexy.”

Your kegeliciousness will come in handy if you experience tightness or pain during sex, Isadora said, because the exercises increases the flexibility of your vaginal muscles.

“As you squeeze and release you can start to feel that you get some more control. It tightens and tones the muscles of your vaginal wall as well as helping them expand,” she said. “Start to do this as an everyday practice …  your lovers will be amazed at your ability to contract and expand!”

Still Not Satisfied? More Tips From Psalm

Psalm’s step-by-step strategy on Goaly is full of incredible advice for achieving a fantastic orgasm. See what all the buzz is about – multiple orgasms! – on her “My Secrets to Having Better Orgasms” video strategy.

Here’s the introductory video to Psalm’s “My Secrets to Having Better Orgasms” strategy series:

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