Skinny is Better Than Sex

Chances are you’d give up sex this summer to make sure you don’t gain 10 pounds.

According to weight-loss experts Nutrisystem, 52 percent of women in America would drop sex to avoid gaining a 10-spot.

With summer fast approaching, our waistlines are giving us that menacing stare that makes us want to stop eating altogether in order to slim down for our next trip to the beach.

There’s no way were going to give up food for the summer, but Nutrisystem says there’s a lot of other things (including sex) to which we’d say “Adios” if we had the chance to get a flat tummy:

  • The majority of Americans said they think they need to lose 23 pounds in order to feel sexy.
  • One in four men would give up sex for the summer if they could avoid gaining 10 pounds.
  • More Americans would prefer to shed 10 to 20 pounds this summer than get promoted at work
  • About three out of four Americans are willing to give up television, their cell phones or their computers for a  flat tummy

The Secret To Success: 4 Life Coaches Offer Awesome Insight

Finding the motivation to shed pounds is easy enough — we want to feel amazing when we strip down and dig our toes into the sand.

However, Nutrisystem says that as much as we want to lose weight, many of us are just too stubborn. We don’t want to give up the pound-producing foods that add inches to our waists.

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Now before you whip out the tape measure and read those fateful numbers, take step back from your pre-summer enthusiasm and make a plan of attack which includes the advice of some of the best life coaches in the business.

4 Ways to Make Your Summer Weight Loss Plan a Success

1. One Change at a Time

Julie Ferman, a popular dating coach in Los Angeles, said the key to keep the weight off this summer is to narrow down your strategies to a single, focused objective.

“Pick ONE THING that you are wanting to change and that you are willing to change,” Ferman said, “and just DO IT.”

She gave us four great examples of single goals you can start doing today:

  • Work out: Thirty minutes of exercise that you’re currently not doing
  • No booze or sweets: Eliminating be eliminating alcohol or sugar six days a week
  • Adios to late-night snacks: No eating after 7 p.m.
  • Go healty: Change the nature of your snacks

2. Make the Trade

Financial coach Michelle Tascoe is an expert in numbers and investment. Her dollar sense carries over pretty easily to the weight loss world: sometimes it’s better to cut out the short-term profits for the long-term wealth.

“How you do anything is how you do everything,” Tascoe said. “What are the short-term gratifications that you can trade for long-term success?”

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Yes — if you want to look good this summer you’re going to have to give up the glorious short-term deliciousness of, for example, McDonald’s, six packs of Sierra Nevada, all those amazing pastries you devour for breakfast and hallowed halls of your favorite neighborhood pizzeria.

Of course, these aren’t the only short-term gratifications you have to give up. Each person is an individual. For you, your short-term mistress may be the bag of Skittles you have stashed in your desk at work or the growler of IPA tucked away in the back of the fridge in your man cave.

If you want long-term change, you’ll have to start making some hard choices about your short-term habits.

3. Feel It Out

For New York Times bestselling author and Law of Attraction coach Christy Whitman, succeeding with summer weight loss doesn’t start with a waist measurement, I-will-abstain-from-chocolate pronouncement or a Facebook post promising all your friends you’re going to be OMG-skinny! by July.

“Focus on how you want to feel in your body. Spend as much concentrated time as you can basking in this feeling.”

“Focus on how you want to feel in your body,” Whtiman said. “Spend as much concentrated time as you can basking in this feeling.”

As you let this feeling encapsulate you, you’ll be empowered to change the way you approach you goal.

“Allow this feeling to become dominant in your energy field,” she said, “and soon it will influence your thoughts, your beliefs, and your choices.”

4. See the New You

Big changes rarely come without thinking big.

If you’ve become trapped in a self-image in which you can’t see beyond who you are in the moment, it will be very difficult to reach the goals you want for the summer. You have to see the possibility of a trimmer body and believe you can change your reality in order to get there, said Lisa Read, a U.K. parenting coach.

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“In my experience, people tend to live up to their own self-image, meaning that if they see themselves as overweight and unable to change that, this is the result they’ll get,” Read said. “If this is the case, the first step is to work on creating a new self-image, by visualising what you want and imagining it has already happened.”

Once you’ve seen the new future you, you can put together a compelling plan for success. But not without asking yourself the hard questions first, Read said:

  • What makes you think you want to lose weight?
  • How determined are you to make a change?
  • How much do you really believe it is possible for you to lose weight?

Adding to You Summer Weight Loss Plan

Losing weight, sticking with your goals and succeeded in areas where you normally fail are the realm of self-development. Each of the coaches who helped us with this article have years of wisdom, experience and expertise to share with you.

Take a look at the videos below to get to know them a little better!

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