Finding the Spark that Pushes You

Have you ever met one of those people who seem to always have energy and enthusiasm for whatever it is they’re doing? Their zeal is infectious, but at the same time, it can be annoying!

We wonder how it’s possible to be so motivated in a world where most people miserable at work, exhausted or unsatisfied with their life.

We wanted to get the opinion of the people who are right in the middle of the daily struggles of parents, teachers, kids, executives and employees. So, we talked with several of our coaches.

We asked them: How do you stay motivated in your life?

Keep a Journal

A journal can be your catalyst for change – use it as the place where you write down your goals and track your personal development.

“A journal can be your catalyst for change. It will act as your inspiration and show you how far you’ve come.”

When you reach a stage in your life where you feel like you’re treading water and you don’t feel inspired to keep pushing forward, your journal will act as your inspiration and show you  how far you’ve come.

“I’ve journaled since the first journal I started in 2005,” financial coach Michelle Tascoe said.  “Ten years later I am on journal 27, and have documented all the lessons, declarations and goals set and reached each step of the way.”

Express Your Gratitude

Our own personal struggles, the way people have hurt us and the seemingly endless stream of news reports of evil acts across the globe tend to make us lose sight of the positives in our life and in our world.

Carve out a few minutes from your day and use them to examine the good things in your life and give thanks for them!

“Taking time every day to remind myself of what I am grateful for helps tremendously.”

“Taking time every day to remind myself of what I am grateful for helps tremendously,” said Hayden Lee, academic coach on Goaly.

Set Goals

Becoming motivated is difficult when you don’t have a clear direction in your life. Whether it’s a short-term goal or a long-term purpose, having a finish line or destination in mind is a tremendous way to motivate yourself.

Goaly parenting coach Lisa Read says goal-setting is an important motivating factor in her life. She even uses a mentor and life coaches to help keep her accountable and stay focused.

“My aim is to continually challenge myself to raise the bar.”

“I set myself long term, yearly, monthly and daily goals so that I’m clear about the direction I’m working towards. I also hire coaches to help me stay on track and I work with a mentor,” she said. “My aim is to continually challenge myself to raise the bar.”

Lisa Read has more great advice for parents. Check out her introductory Goaly video:


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